Brian makes an effort to restore his old relationship with Adam.

Radio Times: Tough times for the Grundys.

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  • As if Ed isn’t in enough trouble, he’s now been causing Ambridge hackles to rise by riding Jazzer’s dirt-bike near Glebelands. And just to make his parents’ day, they are served with an official order to demolish the pole-barn.
  • Bert manages to annoy Brian with his incessant chatter, and Adam with his comments on the problems of growing strawberries. Ed decides he’s had enough of working for his father, who is still furious with him, and is promptly offered strawberry-picking work by Adam.
  • Joe, upset like the rest of the family about Ed’s antics, pours his heart out to Bert, who tactlessly tells Joe that there are rumours about Ed being responsible for the attacks on the horses. Bert says he can’t believe it, and encourages Joe to appeal against the council’s decision on the pole-barn.
  • Brian finds Adam enjoying an evening’s fishing and seizes the moment to try and restore their old relationship and to make it clear that he accepts Adam’s sexuality.

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