There’s a minor breakthrough for Helen: she finds some things that appeal to Sonja.

Radio Times: Helen makes progress.

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  • Greg is still upset at Sonja’s behaviour and attitude. She enjoyed her day out at a country fair with Tom and Kirsty, but not their family day out at Blackpool. Helen thinks they may be trying too hard. When Greg has gone to work, she and Sonja get down to pea-picking, which Sonja seems to like, even in the rain. What she doesn’t like is the fact that Greg, just like her mother’s french boy-friend, never seems to have time for her.
  • At Brookfield Brian is still trying heal the rift with Adam, and makes a point of telling David how good Adam is with farm machinery – though not a patch on Debbie, of course. They, too, get caught in the rain, and Ruth has to help sheet the grain trailers.
  • When Sonja says she likes movies, Helen seizes the opportunity for a little bonding, and they decide to go and see Terminator 3. Greg will have to get his own lunch.
  • Brian is on his own for lunch, too, but he gets an invitation to Brookfield. After some good-natured digs about David’s encounter with Matt and the badger, he tells them he thinks Adam’s strawberry venture is not worth the hassle. It looks as though his attempts to back Adam have been somewhat short-lived.

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