That Friday feeling isn’t a good one for Greg and Helen.

Radio Times: Harsh words for Greg.

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  • Sonja isn’t hungry for breakfast when she learns from Helen that Greg isn’t coming back for his.
  • Brian and Jennifer are discussing Ruth having taken over Farm Watch on the web. Brian wonders if the burglaries will stop now Ed is under curfew. He wishes Phoebe could come and live with them for a while as she might be homeless soon. That wouldn’t go down too well with Roy and Hayley, retorts Jennifer! Adam comes in to suggest a barbeque for his strawberry picking students tonight – to give them ‘that Friday feeling’ before they go home for the weekend. Jennifer is delighted and enthusiastic at the prospect – she’s so enjoyed having lots of young people around again. Greg calls to thank Mrs Aldridge in advance for having Sonja this afternoon. Everything’s going well – they had a great day in Blackpool yesterday.
  • Sonja doesn’t seem hungry for lunch either, especially not for Helen’s cheese which she thinks ‘tastes a bit funny’.
  • Jennifer is counselling a sobbing student who’s split up with her bloke, so Brian and Adam go to the Bull for lunch.
  • Alice, Amy, Chandler and Spearmint are getting along fine together. Sonja makes it scornfully clear that she is not at all keen on horses. Jennifer offers her a swim soon, and invites her and Amy to stay for the barbeque as long as they phone their respective fathers. Sonja tries unsuccessfully to deride Alice’s imminent trip to Paris then stalks off, much to the relief of the other two girls.
  • In an apron, Brian is doing his ‘Domestic God’ bit at the barbeque. Jennifer approves of his image and of his increasing acceptance of Adam, even if it is purely pragmatic. Adam offers the girls more wine but they prefer coke. Amy thinks Adam’s cool, even if he is gay. Jennifer asks them what they’ve done with Sonja – they were supposed to be looking after her. She was rude about Spearmint, she’s probably gone home. Who cares?
  • Greg and Helen are very worried about Sonja – she’s been missing for six hours. Even the Police have taken him seriously. Helen says perhaps she’s just trying to prove a point. She reveals that she overheard Sonja on the phone telling her Mum that Blackpool was a disaster. She thinks they’re treating her like a child. At last Sonja arrives home, immediately to the sharp end of Greg’s tongue, and she’s been drinking, hasn’t she? Why should she apologise to the Aldridges – they were horrible to her! Jennifer’s a stuck up cow!! Her Dad doesn’t want her – he’s never around!!! She hates it here – she hates him – she wishes he was dead!!!! Oh, Greg …

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