New wheels beyond his dreams for William but Greg is not progressing so quickly with Helen

Radio Times: The fairy godmother takes charge.

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  • William is shopping for a secondhand car and his requirements are simple: it must be affordable. Caroline is not happy about him buying any of the wrecks which are within his price range. Her solution is to extend his range by making up his insurance money to £2000 and lending him another thousand, interest free. She is perceptive enough to know that his needs go beyond just getting to work: he wants something to take Emma out.
  • Tony returns from a vegetable delivery with nothing to report about Helen’s relationship; not untypically she didn’t mention Greg, although she was rather short with him when he rang. Tony feels that Pat taking against Greg doesn’t help and suggests that, in a way, she is jealous of Greg taking away her little girl.
  • Clarrie is delighted at Ed’s news that he has a part-time job at the canning factory; he doesn’t really know yet what the job entails. He does know that when his brother turns up, complete with godmother and with news of a new car, he feels upstaged.
  • “Say it with flowers” was Greg’s idea but he is out of luck: Helen has gone to the cinema with Kirsty. Tony assures Greg that she is not avoiding him, although she might be avoiding Pat. Greg explains that he was only trying to protect Helen; he does not know what awaits him in France and it is not really her problem. Maybe she would like it to be; maybe she feels left out. Tony admits that he is more sympathetic than Pat but neither will stand by and see Helen hurt.

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