The Ghost Walk is a success, although Lynda is outspoken and Eddie is out-spooken.

Radio Times: If you go down to the woods tonight …

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  • It is the evening of the Grundys’ Ghost Walk and Clarrie is not exactly bursting with enthusiasm. Ed comes home shattered and bored from his first day at the canning factory, so he too is pressed into service.
  • Outside the Bull, Joe meets his punters and begins the walk by distributing lanterns. Lynda turns up late and, from her vast knowledge of local folklore, sets about putting Joe right on many details.
  • In between interruptions Siobhán learns all about Lynda’s Christmas plans and that she can expect an approach from Brian to translate some Hungarian. Things come to a head in the churchyard when Siobhán threatens to open up a grave and put Lynda in it if she doesn’t pipe down and let Joe get on.
  • The soup which Clarrie serves at Heydon Wood is very welcome before the party follow Joe into the heart of the wood for the tale of Black Lawson, Eddie having pointedly left to “see a man about a horse”. The ghost of Black Lawson is seen and heard after which the happy band are urged to retreat to The Bull. Lynda is not content to leave it there, she insists on investigating and discovers that Eddie is behind the apparition. She wants her money back; the rest, led by Siobhán, think they have had a great show. Lynda helps Eddie retrieve his props but on the way back they hear the sound of approaching hooves – this time not from Eddie’s ghetto-blaster. They run, pile into the van and urge Clarrie to drive!

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