Nic reappears, wanting to write to Will. Peggy’s family make a decision.

Radio Times: Clarrie gets a blast from the past.

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  • Clarrie finds the exhibits in the Village Hall rather more interesting than Jazzer did and she gets Jennifer’s encouragement for the christening present she has bought for Abbie from Will. Lilian hopes that Jenny will not be tied up all day: they need to talk about mum.
  • Adam finds David with two things on his mind: whether to let Rickyard to Emma and Ed and what is happening about the digester. On the first, Adam will say nothing and on the second he has heard nothing. David feels like a pariah in the village and would appreciate some word from Matt or Annabelle.
  • Lilian is rather surprised, when she asks Matt for his views about her mum and Jack, because he cautions against taking away her independence. When she really needs help she will ask. But Lilian is keen to avoid another crisis.
  • When the phone rings, Clarrie hears a voice she was not expecting – Nic. Initially cold, she softens when Nic relates how Helen has told her about Will. She would like to send him a card, just to say hi and assure him that he has friends. No harm in that, is there?
  • At Home Farm, Lilian, Jennifer and Adam agree that they need to do something. They will research the provision of a private carer – a specialist in Alzheimer’s. Peggy is not going to like it but somehow they will have to try to change her mind.

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