Tom fails to persuade Jazzer to be a full-time pig man.

Radio Times: Fame doesn’t go to plan for Ed.

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  • Cautious optimism reigns at Grange Farm: Alistair has found only one reactor to the latest TB tests. Ed is also pleased that his radio interview has been arranged for next Thursday but less hopeful about renting Rickyard Cottage: Ruth and David have still not decided.
  • Of all the people who might come to the Village Hall to see the archaeological finds, Jazzer is probably the last Jennifer would have expected. It turns out that Ed has rather sexed it up and Jazzer fell for it; he is soon gone, just as Lilian reports that mum and Jack are missing.
  • As he tells Tom about the joke, Tom makes Jazzer an offer he hopes he cannot refuse – to work for him full-time at a higher rate.
  • The two sisters are frantically combing the countryside and eventually find the fugitives back at home, quite unconcerned. Peggy had told them that a good night’s sleep was all that Jack needed and today they have had a nice day out; another early night will put him right. Her daughters, however, are concerned that Peggy will wear herself out; they have to find a way to help her.
  • In The Bull, Oliver buys Ed a pint as a thank-you and hears about his other ideas; Ed buys Jazzer one to soothe his injured pride. Jazzer has thought about Tom’s offer and decides that he likes his milk round (and its perks!) too much to give it up; Tom will need to find another pig man.

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