Jack’s dementia takes a new turn.

Radio Times: Things go from bad to worse for Jack and Peggy.

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  • Jack is in a bit of a state; when Jennifer calls he is convinced that she is the woman who has stolen his golf clubs.
  • Helen is pleased to see Nic in the shop, with Jake and Mia. Nic had been worried by a call from Clarrie, when Will was missing, but has heard nothing since – so Helen fills in the gaps. Helen suggests giving Will a call but Nic feels better out of it for now.
  • Jennifer is still fretting over Alice going to Southampton with Christopher. Brian has other things on his mind, namely Matt’s proposal to pull out of Ambridge Heat and Power. These problems pale into insignificance when Peggy rings to say that Jack doesn’t know her and has shut her out of the house.
  • Tom is still hard at it so is pleased to have a hand from Helen – and some advice. He is annoyed that Brian wants him to produce Tom Archer bacon, when that is what he planned to do for Bridge Farm. Helen suggests that he learns from his mistakes at Home Farm, and calls on Jazzer for extra labour. Further discussion is curtailed when Brian phones seeking reinforcements to deal with Jack.
  • The rescue party finally manage to gain entry to the house and calm Jack down. Peggy is keen not to make more of a drama out of it: when Jack is rested he will be fine.

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