Nic’s trial result: one for, one against.

Radio Times: Nic gets a baptism of fire.

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  • Nic and William are getting tea ready. Nic did not buy the provisions at the village shop and is doubly glad when she learns that Susan is Clarie’s best friend. William thinks she might be a bit paranoid.
  • Adam is on hand to lift a sleeping Ruairidh from the car: Jennifer has been to see Alice and Ian played football with Ruairidh.
  • Eddie seems comfortable with the tea party as they learn about Nic, where she lives, what her job was before the children came along. Clarrie, on the other hand is rather cool. Nic’s mum rings to say that Andrew did not turn up to look after the kids and she is soon due at work. Willam has the solution: he will go for the kids, while Nic stays and gets to know his mum and dad.
  • Jennifer is able to tell Adam that Loxley Barrett school has a place for Ruairidh, so he will at least know Phoebe, Ben, Lily and Freddy. Adam reports that Alice was very frosty with Brian; Adam felt sorry for him, he was so proud of her but she took the praise as criticism about joining the RAF. Jennifer admits to having been tempted to stay in South Africa but little Ruairidh was so pleased to see her; he was worried that she would not come back.
  • Eddie is happy to munch cake and talk, Clarrie is not. Nic’s enquiries about the trip to Aberdeen also get a cool reception from Clarrie. When William returns with the children, Clarrie makes a pointed exit – and where Clarrie goes, Eddie must follow! Eddie thinks she is a nice enough girl. Clarrie thinks she is using William for odd jobs, fetching the children etc. and has William right under her thumb.

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