Jennifer returns and Ruairidh is very relieved to see her.

Radio Times: Jennifer gets the warmest of welcomes.

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  • Today Uncle Rupert’s memorial will be unveiled but Ruth cannot stay; she explains to Elizabeth that she has a doctor’s appointment about breast reconstruction. Brian cannot stay either: he has to meet Jennifer at the airport and Ruairidh insists on coming too.
  • He won’t admit it but David had forgotten about Ruth’s appointment; she hoped he would reconsider coming with her. Instead, his head is full of getting the Massey repaired; he needs to get it to Felpersham today but Bert is at Lower Loxley.
  • Ruairidh is still worried that Jennifer will not come back, just as his mummy didn’t – but she does and gets a very warm welcome.
  • Nigel is late for the unveiling and his speech is too long for David, who is anxious to drag Bert away. Elizabeth notes that he is more interested in the tractor that in Ruth’s appointment. How insensitive. Nigel is disappointed that nobody from the Echo turned up; the county’s media are all focused on the snake story at Grey Gables.
  • David reports success with the tractor; Ruth reminds him that he had promised to take Josh fishing. She has pretty much decided to go ahead with the plastic surgery; David shows no regret about not accompanying her.
  • Jennifer has presents for Ruairidh and lots of photos. He will probably never let her out of his sight again. Brian missed her even more. He reports his meeting with Alice, who still can’t stand him. Jennifer will see her in the morning.

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