Nic, Will, Alan and Usha are wreathed in love and happiness as 2009 dawns. Shula feels the world is against her.

Radio Times: New Year, new start for Will and Nic.

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  • New Year’s Eve is the time for bell ringing and romance in Ambridge and its environs. The ringers prepare to ring in the New Year, with lots of Ambridge’s young, such as Josh, apparently already seasoned ringers.
  • Usha and Alan prepare to go and support the ringers. Amy has gone to the pub, and Mabel is left alone to watch television. Usha is glad to have Alan almost to herself. She tells him 2008 was the best year of her life and that he has made her very happy. Alan doesn’t know what he would have done without her. David interrupts a tender embrace.
  • Will brings a Chinese takeaway and Champagne to Nic’s. When he learns that Nic’s mum is not coming home until New Year’s Day, even the terminally morose Will brightens up. Nic explains why she was hesitant about seeing Will. Before Christmas he seemed cold and distant. Will explains that Joe made him face his feelings for Emma, and at last he’s over her. Since then, he hasn’t stopped thinking about Nic. Quietly, Nic tells Will she never stopped loving him. This time they’ll make sure they get it right.
  • Shula is one of the few who are less than happy. Her Christmas with Jim was awful. He encouraged Daniel in endless vices; chocolate, refusal to obey Shula and endless TV were the mildest. Neil relates this to Alan, who commiserates but fails to break down Shula’s icy reserve.
  • The ringers see 2009 in with style. Usha says she’d like to learn to ring; it could be her contribution to the church. Alan is very touched, but Shula remarks sourly that she’ll soon be redundant

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