Year 2008

A difficult year for Kathy who has to face the trial of Owen Taylor; he gets 15 years. Difficult too for Ruth who comes through her operation. The biodigester is the talk of Ambridge for a while. The Aldridge family is divided by Brian’s plans for Ruairidh’s inheritance, with Jennifer threatening divorce if Brian doesn’t sort things out to suit her. Roy and Hayley lose the competition to buy No.1 The Green but Mike has an idea for Willow Farm. Baby Abigail is born prematurely but Hayley has to leave her in hospital. Opinions are mixed when Alan and Usha marry (twice!); Shula’s slip to The Echo promises to sour her relationship with the vicar for the years ahead. Grange Farm comes out from the cloud of TB but Oliver decides it’s time to close down the herd. Matt moves to find his roots as his business problems deepen. Will and Ed come to blows causing Will to go missing for a while. A six-month attachment in Gloucester allows Will to get away from seeing Emma with Ed as they take up residence in Rickyard Cottage. Ultimately Nic takes his mind off this problem. Alice and Christopher get very close as Alice prepares for University. Pat and Tony take the plunge and buy Bridge Farm from Borchester Land. Jack’s dementia takes a new turn; Peggy finally admits that she can’t cope. Marjorie Antrobus dies.