Nigel accepts the offer of labour. Lynda offers a family truce. Peggy hears of an offer she has to accept.

Radio Times: A new guest books in at Ambridge Hall.

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  • Pat calls to talk to Peggy about the community shop. Peggy has had a bad week with Jack, and is too weary to focus on details, but says she’ll ask Bryce about rent and length of lease. Pat offers to stay a night to help with Jack, but Peggy refuses, conscious of the problems Lilian had with him.
  • Joe asks Nigel if he’ll be buying his holly and mistletoe from the Grundys. Nigel points out that the estate has plenty – but no-one to cut it. Never one to pass up a financial opportunity, Joe offers Grundy labour, and his offer is accepted.
  • Jennifer and Lynda meet, and Lynda is pleased to hear that Brian is happy about her plans for a green burial site. They are interrupted by Pat, so Lynda seizes the opportunity to ask about eco-friendly nappies. Jennifer’s phone rings – it’s the Laurels with an offer of a room for Jack.
  • Robert interrupts Pat and Lynda’s work on the shop questionnaire to tell Lynda that Leonie wants to come and stay. Cynical Lynda wonders whether it’s because she wants money, but on reflection says it will be good for the family to unite around Oscar and put past differences behind them.
  • Jennifer tells Peggy about the room at the Laurels. Poor Peggy is stunned. She’s known it would happen eventually, but the reality of Jack’s leaving the Lodge for good is very hard to accept.

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