Nigel wins the Scrabble competition but Ruth is at home and feeling tired – through lack of sleep.

Radio Times: An unlikely winner.

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  • Linda is trying to instil order into the Scrabble competition without much success. Especially when it turns out Freda has had a disaster with the pies.
  • Ruth is getting pretty tired. David had been looking forward to getting to a conference on agricultural marketing but it’s half term week. Maybe Phil can cover.
  • Linda’s having a tough job arbitrating. Bert is even having to have help. Jennifer gets the chance to tell Siobhán about Budapest – just before Nigel manages to spell ‘infidelity’ to clinch the prize.
  • David has finished the plastering at last. But Ruth is getting in a bit of a state. She is tired all time because the baby won’t let her sleep.

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