Try as he may, Brian cannot turn Jennifer off the idea of going to Budapest.

Radio Times: Kathy’s worried about the babysitter.

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  • Kathy is rather nervously having to leave Jamie with Ed because Clarrie has had to work an extra shift at the Bull. Pat is sure it will be alright. Jamie gets on with Ed. Perhaps she hadn’t expected games of Deathwish and extra chocolate.
  • Brian has another go at persuading Jennifer she doesn’t want to go to Budapest – it’s far too cold and there won’t be anything to buy. Maybe Alice won’t be safe with Debbie and Simon. He even tries to claim it will be awkward for her to be there if Caroline is going too. No chance. Jennifer is planning to use the money to bring Kate over for Easter. Brian is very unimpressed. Kate should save up for herself. But Jennifer wants to see them and thinks it would be money well spent.
  • Pat and Kathy had a good time at the bowling to find Jamie has managed to get nearly the highest score on Deathwish and he’s been especially careful not to wake Ed who has had a very hard day. Kathy doesn’t seem too happy.

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