Greg wins Helen round: she need not be jealous of his ex-wife.

Radio Times: Can Greg persuade Helen?

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  • Joe is tapping last year’s cider but it’s not ready yet. Eddie is pretty fed up that Jack is getting the videos from a decent supplier. At least Ed is looking forward to his first gig with Dross. Eddie thinks a rabbit farm might be a good idea. He’s heard you can get £7,500 from 100 does but Joe thinks it’s daft. Where would they put them. But surely Clarrie will think its a good idea.
  • Greg tries to make up with Helen but she’s not interested. She grudgingly agrees to go out to dinner with him and to leave her cheese alone but things aren’t looking good.
  • Pip has found one of the farm dogs has cut himself and has to be taken to see Alistair. It will need an operation and have to stay overnight.
  • Strangely, Clarrie isn’t so keen on the rabbit farm – especially once it turns out she’ll have to feed and clean them. She’s got two jobs already and has to look after them. She’s not taking on anything else.
  • Ruth is finding the baby moving rather uncomfortable. Alistair is a bit worried about Daniel. He’s said a couple of times that the other kids are picking on him. Maybe it’s just an argument about Harry Potter cards or something.
  • Greg finally wins Helen round over dinner at the Bull. There is nothing between him and Michelle – it was all just for the girls. Wild horses wouldn’t drag him back into a relationship with her. He loves Helen.

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