That was quick: Tony is the proud owner of a red MG Midget.

Radio Times: Tony goes for a spin.

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  • Doesn’t take Tony long to buy the MG Midget of his dreams. Peggy thinks it’s rather uncomfortable but definitely approves. It’s a lovely shade of red. Tony is calling it Esme after the number plate. Tom seems rather jealous.
  • Jack is going ahead with the idea of a video library for the shop but Betty and Susan are definitely not keen. And they certainly aren’t going to help him get ready. George ends up helping instead – for hours. And he has to write his presentation to the Council on the development – Jack will leave him to it.
  • Peggy and Fallon have a rather odd talk about Fallon’s life about the Bull – enough to make Fallon need a drink but Betty isn’t having any of that on her watch. Betty thinks Jolene indulges her too much.

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