Peggy bestows £5000 on each of her children for them to indulge themselves.

Radio Times: Peggy’s feeling generous.

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  • Peggy has invited Jennifer and Tony around to offer them (and Lilian) £5000 each to spend on themselves. She has plenty of money and is looking forward to see them spend it. Lilian was very pleased too. £5000 may not be much to her but it was the thought that counted. Jennifer and Lilian will choose how to spend it soon but Tony always was a bit of a ditherer.
  • Brian and Siobhán get rather wet after a trip to the pub but no chance of going back to the cottage to dry off. Tim is due back soon. The car seems to make a decent second option though – its all steamed up! Siobhán thinks they might be able to find some more time together during his next trip to Hungary but Jennifer will be tagging along.
  • Brian tries to persuade Jennifer that there are better places to spend her money than Budapest like Milan but Jennifer is having none of it. She wants to do her bit for the Hungarian economy.
  • Pat is planning a girls’ night bowling out for Kathy’s birthday. Tony thinks he would be helpful but Pat has other ideas. Helen is still having problems with Greg but she won’t talk about it. Pat thinks quite a few things around the farm need replacing but Tony has already decided what to spend it on.

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