Siobhán gets herself in deeper by declaring her love for Brian; this may improve his mood.

Radio Times: Tim is away for the weekend.

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  • Jack is despondent – tickets for the scrabble tournament aren’t going well so he’s called around to press-gang Jennifer. She reluctantly gives in, but is very doubtful if Brian will agree. She’s looking forward to the fancy-dress dinner dance though.
  • Brian is already in a strop, and blows his top when reminded of their lunch date with Jack, Peggy and the Goodmans. He flatly denies having agreed to it, even though he patently did. He doesn’t care if he does leave Jennifer in a spot, he’s not going.
  • Siobhán’s buying ice-cream and chocolate for her home-alone weekend, when Jack arrives to tell Betty that he’s decided to go ahead with the video/DVD club. Betty is appalled – where will they put them all? Jack, being Jack, airily brushes away her concerns. He leaves, and Betty wonders miserably if they’re about to go back to the bad old days when he came up with mad ideas without consulting her.
  • Jennifer comes in to buy a peace offering for her Mum, explaining that Brian has refused to go with her to Peggy’s for lunch. Eddie calls and corners the three women for a bit of market research. Do they eat rabbit? Maybe Betty (can’t you just imagine her face) would like to stock some in the shop?
  • Eddie persuades Jennifer to give him a lift up to the Dower house – he just wants ten minutes of Jack’s time. He has a mate who can give Jack a good deal on videos, a local man, all above board. Mmm … Jack’ll have to think about it
  • Siobhán rings Brian – they need to talk. Give him ten minutes and he’ll be there. They get stuck into the wine and seem both to be slightly embarrassed. Brian, as sincere as ever, makes some slushy apologies. He missed her so much when she was away, he didn’t think it mattered to her though. Now he’s sorry, he’s been such a fool. She, seemingly quite genuine, can’t bear it – can they give it another go? She loves him!

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