Ruth’s in a tight spot and Eddie thinks his fortune may lay in rabbits.

Radio Times: Joe and Mike surf the net.

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  • Joe and Eddie are up with the lark, Eddie is concerned that Edward didn’t come home. Clarrie’ll go spare when she finds out. Joe’s got an ulterior motive for the early rise … he wants to catch Mike.
  • Ruth is exasperatedly trying to get in to those maternity tights and dives under the covers when David comes into the room. Too late! he catches her and is vastly amused … she reminds him of Jackie Pallo! Of course, he thinks its all hilarious.
  • Joe and Mike have blagged their way past Lynda into Ambridge Hall. Joe is determined to foist his internet ‘expertise’ onto Mike in his search for work. (Robert doesn’t know of course) Joe knows all the technical terms like ‘hyperlinks’ and ‘little pointy hands’. Mike is not too hard to persuade and soon finds an opening for a cowman in Arizona and a stockman in New Zealand – nothing local though. Joe decides to extend Mike’s internet lesson by finding the website of the new lapdancing club in Borchester. Lynda comes in and is horrified … not by the screen (Mike’s in the way) but by the half empty tin of very expensive biscuits they’ve nicked from the kitchen.
  • Ruth is anxious about the nursery, and David is slightly guilty. Still, there’s loads of time, isn’t there? Anyway, Ruth has a more pressing problem – how to get the damn tights off.
  • Tony and Eddie are plumbing in Helen’s new sink in the cheese room. They discuss Kathy’s birthday celebrations and the possibility of finding a new man for her. Eddie’s mate ‘Fat Paul’ is available and he could fix them up. Tony tries to point out that the tattoes might put her off, but Eddie’s sure that their shared interest in food would be a good thing! Eddie is still wishing he had another sideline – now the turkey’s have finished things are a bit slack. Tony remembers an article he’s read about rabbit farming, its the latest thing apparently. Eddie’s interested. Joe did it once, and it might just be worth another go. Poor Clarrie!

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