No treasure for Eddie and Joe but Mike seems to have found a treasure.

Radio Times: Clarrie keeps Eddie’s conscience in check.

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  • Their plan has not got off to a good start because Eddie and Joe did not bargain on Clarrie being home so early. They fob her off with an excuse, which is not very clever: Clarrie knows full well when the wool is being pulled over her eyes. As soon as they have gone she makes a call.
  • Mike says it with flowers; what he says in words will be over lunch at Grey Gables.
  • Eddie and Joe find themselves caught in the act, metal detector in one hand and spade in the other. Tipped off by his mum, Ed has turned up with Oliver, keen to witness the great treasure hunt. Start digging!
  • Mike and Vicky have a wonderful meal, in wonderful company. Truly Mike’s cup runneth over on top of seeing his little girl so happy about her engagement.
  • Oliver has enjoyed the joke rather more than the Eddie and Joe; after half an hour of digging, they found nothing but a load of old iron. Though Oliver would sanction further archaeological research, properly supervised of course.
  • How could Ed have done that to them? The treasure hunters are also dismayed that news of their escapade is already round the village – as far as Mike at least. What is not round the village, yet, is that Mike has been invited to a party on Friday to celebrate the engagement – so has Vicky.

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