Neil has financial troubles but is still encouraged to go to a football reunion.

Radio Times: Ruth lays down the law for Joe.

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  • Remember Gordon? He was a stalwart of the Ambridge football team and he has invited Neil to a reunion. Neil is reluctant because of the cost – he is owed money from his biggest customer – and he would need to get someone to look after the pigs. Susan is keen for him to go and suggests Jazzer and Daniel to do the pigs.
  • Lynda is excited about the photographic possibilities of five owl chicks but Ruth bursts her bubble – they are not going to open the nest box. Jill comes to check on her new bee colony and announces that she has not made the ballot for the Trafalgar Square plinth. There will be other ballots.
  • Later Joe calls to discuss his cider stall at the Brookfield Open Day. Ruth makes it very clear: demonstrating is fine, tasting is fine too, selling cider is not – it’s not even legal. Joe has also been rejected, as he sees it, for the plinth. However, Phil has had a brainwave – a plinth at the Village Fête – and Lynda is just the person to organise it.

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