The impact on an employee of his C3PL dealings comes home to Matt – literally.

Radio Times: Matt’s conscience takes a battering.

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  • Lilian has barely left the shop when a stranger asks Annette where to find Mr Crawford. She loses no time in turning up on Matt’s doorstep with enough determination to overcome Lilian’s resistance. Matt invites her in.
  • Before setting off for the dairy, Helen passes on to Annette the big news about Tom and Brenda’s engagement. That’s great, says Annette with thinly disguised disappointment.
  • Sarah Watkins’ husband has lost his job at C3PL and they now face losing their home, while Matt sits in his barn of a home and doesn’t give a damn. Matt finds it difficult to get a word in through the verbal barrage but when he does, the word is ‘sorry’. He gives her what cash he has with him; it’s not much.
  • Helen phones Annette to pass on an invitation to Bridge Farm on Friday evening, to celebrate the engagement. Alas, she has other plans – such a shame.
  • Lilian is rather scathing about the outburst Matt has suffered; what did the woman hope to achieve? But Matt is more contrite. It’s true what she said; the Watkins’ misfortune is because of him – what he has done or not done. Now he goes off on one of his walkabouts, not saying where he is going or when he will be back.

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