The champagne is broken out at Bridge Farm when Tom and Brenda announce their engagement.

Radio Times: There is big news at Bridge Farm.

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  • Father and son are working together at Bridge Farm in preparation for the new pigs. Tom is very careful to ask when Tony will be back at home.
  • Meanwhile Brenda has called on Mike and invites him to Bridge Farm for a drink at lunchtime – Tom’s idea.
  • Eddie calls to check with Tony that he is expected to spread a load of woodchip tomorrow.
  • At the shop, Eddie cannot resist taking the Mickey out of Mike over his new, younger girlfriend but suggests a foursome date to get to know her better.
  • The preparations are in hand at Bridge Farm by the time the Tuckers arrive but the purpose of the gathering is a complete surprise – for Tom and Brenda to announce their engagement. Put the beer away, it’s time for champagne. Mike manages to have a quiet word with Tom and is assured that Tom really loves Brenda; he won’t let her down again.

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