Now Siobhán also tells Brian that he must choose; he cannot have both.

Radio Times: Can Brian have his cake and eat it?

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  • Elizabeth drops in on Siobhán to see how she is getting on. She really thinks that the marriage will be over now and that Jennifer is just milking the situation. Elizabeth tries to make her realise that things may not be that simple but she doesn’t see it like that.
  • Jennifer and Brian are trying to be polite but Jennifer is not keen on Brian going to see Siobhán to talk things through. Debbie is horrified but he was bound to want to see her sometime. At least now if he doesn’t come back she will know it is over.
  • Elizabeth is finding it hard to concentrate on business at Lower Loxley when Jennifer drops in. Elizabeth tells her how sorry she is. She just didn’t know what to do for the best. Jennifer wants to know who else knows. She is pleased to find out that it was Tim who gave Brian the black eye. But she is shocked that no one wanted to tell her. She is definitely rather cool. Elizabeth has never been so ashamed in her life.
  • Brian doesn’t think Siobhán should feel sorry for him – he brought it on himself. He has thought it might be better if he just went away but he doesn’t know what to do for the best. Siobhán wants them to go away together but Brian says he can’t just walk away. She doesn’t know what is keeping him at Home Farm – unless he still loves Jennifer. He doesn’t answer but she knows. Siobhán tells him, in an echo of Jennifer, that he can’t have both of them anymore.

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