Jennifer plans a party which Brian will enjoy, whether he likes it or not.

Radio Times: Elizabeth’s loyalties are tested.

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  • Jennifer is cooking madly for the farm workers party. Alice is trying to help. She is worried about whether Brian and Debbie will both be at the carols by candlelight, apparently because Debbie might be too sad. Jennifer want this to be the best Christmas ever, it might be the last Christmas they are all together. She can’t really see to the future at the moment. She and Debbie are both in a mess, but they aren’t going to let men beat them.
  • Elizabeth is seeing Siobhán but Nigel seems less than thrilled to see her. Elizabeth says she can’t just abandon her, she is her friend but Nigel thinks she should steer clear at the moment. As long as Siobhán is alright, she doesn’t seem to care how other people are. But Elizabeth thinks this is the time friends are needed most.
  • Siobhán still believes Jennifer is bullying Brian – she even forced him to say he still loved her. Elizabeth says she can’t expect her to join in bad mouthing Jennifer so Siobhán leaves in a huff. She can see she will have to get used to coping on her own. Elizabeth is running out of friends, first Debbie, now Siobhán.
  • Brian is amazed Jennifer wants to go on with the Christmas party. But she is determined to show everyone they are coping. She delights in telling him Shula and Alistair knew. Now he knows how humiliating it is to wonder if they were sniggering the whole time. Brian tries to persuade Debbie to talk Jennifer out of the party but Debbie says he had better enjoy it. It might be the last party he ever goes to at Home Farm.

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