Ruth declines the Home Farm party but David is detailed to keep Brian off the bottle.

Radio Times: David’s feeling Christmassy.

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  • Ruth is amazed to be invited to the party at Home Farm on Friday. Jennifer must be mad. Ruth got out of it by saying she couldn’t leave Heather but David should go to keep an eye on Brian. Grundy World of Christmas seems to be going well although they maybe overstocked on trees. There is still so much to do before Christmas. Phil can’t think beyond the carol concert at the moment.
  • Ed is going out to celebrate with Tom. One of the major supermarket chains is interested in his sausages and they’ve invited him to London to discuss it. Helen is pretty fed up about it but at least Neil should be pleased because his pigs go into the sausages. But he is still complaining. The poachers William surprised have been sent down for 3 months, even the magistrates seem to be on William’s side.
  • Ed and Jazzer have been invited to Lynda’s new year’s eve party. He seems to be the only Scot Lynda knows. Ed isn’t keen but Eddie tells him he should persuade Lynda to let them provide the music!
  • Shula is not Daniel’s favourite person. She has broken up his “card school”. Kenton has got him playing for money now. It’s like having two children in the house and one of them a juvenile delinquent. David is nearly as bad. He’s been buying surprises at the Grundy World of Christmas.
  • Heather is looking a little better and she is getting out and about a bit more. Carols by Candlelight and the pantomime. David suddenly agrees to join the singing – anything to get out of the Home Farm party. At least he should sing better than David’s new singing father Christmas.

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