One of each for Lizzie!

Radio Times: Special delivery.

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  • Lizzie’s conscious, but the epidural has kicked in and she can feel nothing of the C-section that’s on-going. The operation itself is a success, first at 11:02 a little girl (weighing in at 5lb 11oz) and then at 11:04 a little boy (unspecified weight, but “smaller”). Known merely as Babies B and G, their health is mixed. Baby G is fine and her mother is allowed to hold her, her brother, Baby B, is less good. His heart is fine, but there’s an oxygen deprivation problem and he’s confined to an incubator.
  • The grandmothers are delighted, over and above all the normal reasons, Jill’s relieved that Lizzie’s heart took the strain and Julia’s pleased that the male line will be continued.
  • Pat and Tony’s Silver Wedding meal is generally a success. Brian and Jennifer are there and, despite Jennifer’s ham-fisted attempts at finding some common ground, Tony stumbles across it when talking about his possible mistrust of Simon Gerrard. Small acorns. Later, Pat and Tony pay each other some private thanks for their quarter century together.
  • Lizzie’s upset at not being able to hold her son, and while Nigel is anxious too, they will all be together soon enough.