A tree for Simon and Kate flees again.

Radio Times: Not wanted on voyage.

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  • Simon’s “helping” Debbie with some preperations for lambing, but while he might have aspirations to the farming life his abilities lag a little! A topical mention of the problems with the French and, accurately for the West Midlands, it was snowing, so a White Christmas away from the homelands for the Canadian?
  • Turkey plucking at Grange Farm, although Simon’s willing to order one he’s less sure about picking one out or the “fresh this morning” aspect of it. Eddie might also be able to lend him a head with a tree for the flat, too … and what a tree they find. Bought for a song from Snatch and Eddie’s rewarded with an eggnog, although Debbie’s not convinced that the flat needed quite such a large one.
  • Roy’s had Phoebe for a couple of days and is returning her to her mother, only Kate is upset. He guesses (correctly) that she’s off again – only this time she doesn’t want to take Phoebe with her. Roy’s only too happy to take his daughter home again, but he’s as concerned with Kate. She still needs some time away and, in spite of all her feelings for her child, she can’t take her with her. She claims it’s not easy, but Kate’s running away again and as Roy takes the infant away, Kate’s quietly seeking forgiveness, “I’m so sorry Phoebe, I’ve got to do this. it’s for your sake, one day I hope you will understand, please forgive me.”