Roy’s keeping Phoebe with him, no matter what her grandmothers think.

Radio Times: Left luggage at Willow Farm

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  • After a slightly troublesome shoot yesterday Brian is singing William’s praises as a good keeper and he deserves his Christmas bonus – although besides paying their rent on time, he doesn’t care how any of the Grundys spend their money. He’s in the middle of complaining about Maff when Jennifer takes a call from Kate …
  • Roy’s feeding Phoebe and Mike and Betty are unamused by the situation, but he’s adamant that he’s going to be able to cope. They’re not convinced, but are generally supportive – while courting no doubt as to where the blame lies for their situation. Jennifer pays a visit, assuring them that she and Brian were just as angry and she offers to take Phoebe off their hands, but Roy will hear none of it. He obviously wants to care for his daughter and will not brook any change. Even Christmas Day at Home Farm is rejected – but Boxing Day would be a nice idea.
  • Jennifer’s disappointed that she won’t be able to care directly for Phoebe – seemingly as concerned that the village gossip will doubt her ability as seeing that being with the father is appropriate. A quiet Christmas looms, but when Brian baulks at having Simon in his house, Jennifer leaves him in no doubt. She wants him to invite Simon and Debbie to Christmas Day at home!