Lizzie and the twins are still in hospital.

Radio Times: Joe remembers the royal male.

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  • The Grundys are in chipper mood, the turkeys look set to be a reasonable earner (despite Edward and Christopher Carter’s best efforts a couple of months ago). Even better, Clarrie is working extra shifts at The Bull and the dairy and isn’t giving Joe and Eddie grief over the brandy!
  • Eddie’s also got some work at Brookfield helping transform their pig accomodation ahead of their expansion. David’s still not a huge fan, but is going to work to make it succeed as they’ve all agreed to the idea. They’ve picked up some arcs at a farm sale (although the reason for the cheap price – that the industry is in depression – is not lost on him). He and Ruth are off out this evening to celebrate their eleventh wedding anniversary – steel, apparently, so she bought him an ice cream scoop from that same farm sale!
  • Joe can be surprisingly sweet and well-meaning occasionally, got in a lift into Felpersham from Janet, and is visiting Lizzie, bringing with him a pair of 1953 Coronation Mugs for the twins. She’s very touched. She’s also very tired and not quite right yet, while the palpitations have lessened, they’re still there and the stitches are to come out soon, too.
  • Still not names for the twins, although one grandmother is destined to be disappointed – Gerald and Julia are not on the shortlist. Lizzie and baby G are allowed down to see baby B who’s still in an incubator. She’s finding it hard not to be able to hold him properly as well as worrying over her own future – it sounds like they may want to operate on her heart within the next year or so. Nigel’s trying to be comforting, but she’s in a very upset and vulnerable frame of mind.