The nativity is as expected … as is the panto rehearsal and Brian invites Simon and Debbie over for Christmas.

Radio Times: The church stages it’s nativity play but one of the mothers is surprised to see a new couple in attendance – is it really Mr and Mrs Perks?

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  • It’s the school nativity play and Sid and Jolene meet in the audience, which makes a change from normally meeting in the gym or sauna … indeed, someone mistakes her for Mrs Perks! Meanwhile, backstage, Ruth, Kathy and Hayley are putting the finishing touches to Mary, various shepherds and assorted other little parts. Janet introduces the panto and we hear it kick off without too many problems – Pip’s Mary producing particular pride in her mother.
  • From one childish production to another and Lynda’s self-control is stretched at the panto rehearsals as chaos is barely held in check during a practice sword fight between Debbie’s Robin and Simon’s Sheriff. Not enough parrying and thrusting apparently. Meanwhile Robert’s lute playing isn’t progressing that quickly and there’s various problems with the props … Lynda’s sure to pull it out of the bag though, she always does!
  • Simon reports that Brian had phoned earlier (the sound of twisting arms almost audible) and invited them over for Christmas day. Debbie’s stunned – both at the invitation and that Simon said yes!