The twins have names! Lily and Freddie.

Radio Times: Nigel makes a withdrawal.

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  • Roy’s changing Phoebe when Kate rings. Of course she’s worried about whether he’s coping, so he tells her that if she’s that worried she should come back and do it herself! She’s not prepared to do that but she’s still missing her desperately. She leaves a contact mobile number and mentions that she might be away a couple of months! Later, Hayley visits and gives him a hand with Phoebe while he tries to get to grips with his backlog of work. Everyone (his parents, his friends, his tutors, Grey Gables) are being great, but he’s going to struggle. Hayley doesn’t mind at all, it certainly isn’t a burden.
  • Nigel’s visiting Lizzie, who’s more than a little depressed. Plenty of visitors mean no new gossip, her stitches are out but she’s still uncomfortable, the consultant’s still got her attached to heart monitor – it could be a couple of weeks before she’s discharged and, worst of all, baby B is still in an incubator. Nigel promises to investigate that last problem with the utmost urgency.
  • And a good thing he does! They were waiting until tomorrow to bring him up because Lizzie was tired, but relented and the four of them are all together for the first time and Lizzie especially is overjoyed. More than this, their babies seem to have grown into some of the possible names … Lily Rosalind and Frederick Hugo …. Lily and Freddie.