The village turns out and Jennifer’s feeling the strain of it all.

Radio Times: Shula is going to be on the radio!

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  • It’s a lovely clear morning, but Jennifer’s worried about the weather – she’s arranged a photo of the village for this morning and getting everyone organised is quite the strain! She’s worried about the gossip about Kate’s second disappearance. Debbie’s sure there won’t be a problem.
  • Before the photo though, the new bells are rung for the first official time and the event is being recorded for the radio for broadcast on New Years Day. Shula’s interviewed about the background, getting the chance to mention Tom and Pru. She was nervous about the recording and Neil was thankful it wasn’t him ….
  • The twins and their mother are still in hospital, the hope is still that they will be home for Christmas, but the consultant is keeping a close, cautious eye on Lizzie’s heart.
  • There are various frictions at the photo, but the whole village turns out, broadly without problems. Julia gets a bit annoyed that Jennifer won’t let her be in the shot – she’s not from Ambridge after all. Julia responds with some bitchy comments about Kate’s absence which does a good job of silencing Jennifer.
  • Debbie’s still not quite forgiven Simon for accepting the invitation to spend Christmas Day at Home Farm, but Jennifer’s looking forward to it.