There’s omething in the air in Borsetshire as Roy and Hayley and Sid and Jolene seem to be starting to see each other differently.

Radio Times: Sid forgets himself.

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  • Eddie’s gutting turkeys and Jolene (round to deliver a replacement g-string … for his guitar, Robert’s lessons aren’t going so well) is not too impressed by the process, but it’s putting a bit of extra cash in the Grundy pocket so he’s not complaining.
  • Roy’s collecting mistletoe and Betty especially is looking forward to having Phoebe for Christmas. Roy, though, is exhausting and Hayley, at a loose end, offers to help out that evening. She’s almost as excited at Phoebe’s Christmas as Betty is. She’s certainly doing her best to help out.
  • Sid and Jolene exercise together again and then go for a drink and he’s even helping her pick out a present for her daughter. Things are starting to happen it seems …. at least until he notices that it’s 6-30 and he needs to get back to The Bull to help open up! Jolene, though, seems disappointed and his swift exit …