Eddie’s upped his prices and Pat and Jennifer make their peace.

Radio Times: Mike wants a refund.

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  • Lynda’s delivering a revised Panto script for Alice (and sympathies to Jennifer) and Eddie’s dropping off a turkey – although his bill seems a little steep compared to last year …
  • A few post-work drinks for the dairy workers and Pat gives Clarrie her bonus, a larger than usual thank you for the year which they might not have got through without her.
  • Apparently Sid was in hot water with Kathy last night and his excuse that he was Christmas shopping should yield a great gift if she’s to forgive!
  • Eddie’s at the panto rehearsal when collared by Mike over the quality of his apple brandy, or lethal poisonous rot gut as Mike would have it. The threat of the law gets a partial refund when Tony mentions the turkeys …
  • Pat catches Jennifer for a quick word and Jennifer assumes that she’ll gloat – but she doesn’t. She knows only too well that sometimes getting away for a while is the only way and, far from feeling vindicated about their respectived children’s problems, she’s concerned for her – and for Kate.