Pat and Hayley try to talk about John.

Radio Times: Clarrie tells tales.

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  • Pat’s feeling a little better and is in the dairy and Clarrie takes the opportunity to point out that with Tracy in charge the dairy is not working at optimal efficiency, not to put too fine a point on it, it seems as though Tracy’s forgotten how to work and, after all, Clarrie and Colin hardly need telling how to do their jobs, do they? Pat mentions this unhappiness to Helen, whose sympathy is overwhelming.
  • Marjorie has invited Pat to Nightingale Farm for some tea and a chat but leaves her with Hayley and only two cups, obviously trying to get the two of them to talk, which they do. Hayley’s getting over not being at Bridge Farm and they also take about John. Hayley says how John was always his own person and how she started out wishing that she’d not turned down his proposal the day before he died, but now she thanks that that’s not being fair to John, he had his own responsibilities and thoughts. Pat’s not so sure, but Hayley’s sure that they shouldn’t be blaming themselves.
  • Tommy and Neil are concerned about the cricket – they lost to Edgeley last week, a team Darrington (Sean and Roy and all) beat comfortably the previous week. What’s worse is that Colin, an ex-maths teacher, is now scoring, so they can’t even hope for mistakes in the book to help them out!
  • Helen’s most unhappy with Clarrie’s going behind her back to Pat and seems to think that her being overlooked in favour of Tracy is the root of the problem, under her breath Clarrie obviously thinks that with Helen and Tracy at the helm, the dairy has more fundamental problems.