Brian faces his critics.

Radio Times: Brian faces his critics.

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  • After a delayed start (Janet had forgotten the keys to the village hall) a good turnout sees the big match: Tony vs Brian in the big GMO debate.
  • Brian kicked off highlighting the yield advantages and the cost efficiencies – and that subsidies won’t be around for ever.
  • Kate’s heckling of her father was a little embarrassing, her calling him Frankenstein particularly amused Susan.
  • Tony’s rebuttal concentrated on there being so much about the debate that is unclear, a point reiterated by Tim Hathaway later – that genetics is important in medicine but the environment at large is not like a science lab.
  • Brian was pleasantly surprised by the debate and considered the meeting evenly divided – Tony’s less sure, convinced he had the overwhelming majority. Janet suggests that they might approach the Parish Council about having a local referendum, it might not be legally binding, but it might make Brian think. After all, the debate was reasonably informed, but it won’t change anything globally.