Usha packs up her troubles.

Radio Times: Usha packs up her troubles.

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  • George is helping Chris mend a stable door and he’s glad to have something else to do, the alternatives are aither admitting that he’s got to his last resort and to ask Lynda to be the parish tree warden or to head back up to the Grey Gables shoot and lock horns with Greg. The latter he duly does (the former being put off for another day), while he doesn’t find too much fault with his knowledge, George isn’t so happy with some of Greg’s methods – and Greg later complains to Brian that his dual role in overseeing both shoots is not working out.
  • Brian, though, has his mind on other matters. He claims, though, that this doesn’t include the meeting on GMOs, he’s confident that the weight of his argument will win the day. He’s been busy filling in some subsidy forms and isn’t so happy that Debbie, perceiving him as busy, has signed them up to a quality assurance scheme for their venison.
  • Janet and Usha are doing some more tramping around the locality, this time wandering inadvertently through the Home Farm deer patch, scaring some hinds in the process. Usha’s been trying out her new rucksack and the teething is proving painful – the drink and rest in the Bull was most welcome.
  • We hear second-hand, from George and in the pub with Janet and Usha, that Tommy is being vocal about his opinion of his sister’s running of the dairy.