Tracy lights up.

Radio Times: Tracy lights up.

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  • Julia is found – she’s with Camilla and her husband James. She’s having a lovely time and, sweet girl, Camilla’s paying her debt for her. Nigel’s got a stress-free Sunday stretching out in front of him, Lizzie though, is off shopping with Usha and Ruth ….
  • Tony’s tending a cow than Tommy spotted had a badly swollen udder and a most put out Helen wanders in to wonder why he’s not in the dairy talking her through the maintainence process for the pasteurisation machine. Tracy’s in the dairy for a few hours too because they’re a little behind – a fact that Tommy doesn’t seem too surprised about, airing his views about her staff selection choices.
  • Usha’s been buying up the outdoor store ahead of her trek to Cologne, large rucksack and lots of equipment to fill it and Lizzie’s bought a little number that cost a little more than she’d intended but, it seems, that money will be the last thing that Nigel will think of when he sees it ….
  • In return for teaching her about the dairy machinery, Helen is passing her eye over Tony’s speech for the GMO meeting in the village hall this week. He had intended to try to involve the global issues by discussing the links betweens the companies and the governments, but Helen observes that most people will be turning up to discuss what it means to Ambridge to have Brian testing the crops and, after all, the issue of cross-pollenation is the one that is most concerning Bridge Farm. Brian will have lots of responses to the global issues, but can he really allay the local concerns?
  • While they’re discussing the speech, Tommy comes in and just happens to mention that he’s noticed Tracy, Helen’s hand-picked selection as supervisor, smoking in the doorway of the dairy, in blatant contravention of the hygiene regulations. Tony doesn’t like seeing Tommy gloat, and Tommy’s only too willing to point out that, while she might be studying for the right qualifications, maybe her staff management skills aren’t quite up to standard.