Where is Julia?

Radio Times: Where is Julia?

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  • Nigel reads a distinctly unpleasant email from Ronald Hardwicke and turns the computer off before Julia can read it. Nigel’s hard stance over her debt is softening – but Elizabeth’s sympathy is well and truly exhausted. A phone call follows up the email and is as unpleasant and Nigel is a little shaken and is sure that, were they to lend Mummy the money it wouldn’t set a precedent, Lizzie is not so sure.
  • Mike had been waiting for the Bull to open but George dragged him off to the riverbank to cast a few flies instead. George, who’s been through the mill a few times in his time, chats to him amid the peace and tranquility of the riverbank, Mike suggests that Pat might take up fishing! As George lands a decent sized fish, Tim wanders along, taking a walk to get the lie of the land. George offers him the fish and, when an appreciative Tim wanders off carrying it by the gills without a word of fuss, George mentions that he’s the kind of newcomer the village could do with – could you imagine Lynda carrying a fish in her bare hands?
  • George, wearing his Parish Council Chairman’s hat, asks Mike to be the village’s tree warden (to replace Uncle Tom), but Mike’s not sure. Jennifer, Bert, Debbie, Marjorie and Susan have all declined too, William’s too young, the Hathaways too new and he’d rather not ask Lynda ….
  • Phone calls and emails might be academic has Julia’s disappeared – the photo of Nigel and his sister Camilla that lives on her bedside has gone so maybe she hasn’t just gone out for a walk in the lovely evening – they rule out Spain (Hardwicke’s there, after all), but maybe she’s turned back to the bottle?