We are going on a boar hunt.

Radio Times: We are going on a boar hunt.

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  • Debbie’s been moving quickly on the idea of the sheep co-operative, David’s impressed with her drive.
  • Lizzie’s just desperate to get out of the house, Julia’s continuing to be the headache she’s always been. She wanders by Brookfield and then, having bought a big bar of chocolate in the shop, ends up chatting with Siobhán about the village, builders and county life and, with Tim on a call, they enjoy a fine early evening with a drink outside the pub.
  • Usha’s got a new pair of walking boots (while Janet’s are comfortably old – it seems she bought them when she was a student nurse) and Janet insists that she head out for another practice walk to break them in. In preperation for the march – 20 miles a day – she’s got a ten mile walk planned for this weekend and then they’ll be beating the bounds of the four parishes on Rogation Sunday in a couple of weeks’ time.
  • Eddie’s got his boar-hunting posses together but they’re not having much luck. When Eddie does hear some scrabbling noises in some bushes it turns out to be a lost Usha and Janet! When he’s stopped laughing David leaves with them but Eddie’s convinced it’s there somewhere ….. and his conviction turns out to be right, only when he gets to the pub he’s accused of trying to avoid buying his round and no-one believes he has seen the boar!