Pat and Tony dream of their shop and Eddie finds work on a building site.

Radio Times: Eddie is redeployed.

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  • Joe and Majorie are driving around Borchester – she’s trying to find out where the club that everyone’s going to on Debbie’s hen night it because she’s going to be picking people up to bring them home (why they aren’t using a Taxi service is unclear). After lots of mis-directions and one pub stop, Joe’s cartography skills are seriously in question, but Marjorie has, at least, found her way to the club!
  • It’s also still unclear why the cat is closing, but Sean and Peter are, apparently, looking for a restaurant in the South-West and bemoaning the slow death of rural communities (which Eddie’s need no sheet to sing along to). Baggy and Snatch suggested that the regulars whip round to buy it!
  • Pat and Tony (because Helen couldn’t make it) are in their potential property with a shop-fitter and ideas for the layout are being spun out with gusto.
  • Edward’s not enjoying being couped up (neither’s Joe, who stomped off to their new local) and when Clarrie and Eddie complain about his music, he storms out. But Eddie’s got some good news, he’d visited the job centre and while his lack of qualifications isn’t good, he has some transferable skills and starts at a building site, driving a digger tomorrow (and has an evening job delivering things, too). At least it’s not farming as he doesn’t want to ever go back to Ambridge …