Alistair suggested that David write his case out in black and white and, we hear, that’s it’s the end of the road for The Cat.

Radio Times: Shula makes a counterattack.

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  • All is not rosy in Kathy and Sid’s garden. He’s moping around the cellar and whether his excuse that he’s just realised it would have been Polly’s 56th birthday is true or not is anyone’s guess.
  • George, in his guise of tree warden, has organised some sort of children’s walk, with picnic and a story-teller in a bear costume (which Phoebe, and therefore Hayley, loves). George is enjoying his role as warden and it’s get him and Chris out together more!
  • Alistair tells David about how Shula, when she heard about Kenton’s advice to Lizzie, rang up her twin and ranted at him down the phone – all good strong stuff! The two of them and Sid have a brief cricket chat – basically, the village needs new blood. Meanwhile new blood is Kathy’s theory – she’s worried about Sid’s cyclical mood recently. Meanwhile, while Sid’s on the phone, Alistair and David continue discussing the Brookfield standoff. Alistair suggests that David lay his case out on paper (also convincing David that this time of year is as quiet as it gets for the farmer, so he does have the time) – David likes the idea. Meanwhile Sid is on the upcurve of his mood cycle … apparently the call was from Mike. He’s heard on the radio (why is it on the radio?) that the Cat is to close (for reasons unspecified). Sid’s not hiding his delight at Sean’s misfortune.