Lizzie’s truce is well and truly broken as she finds an ally in brother Kenton.

Radio Times: Elizabeth calls in reinforcements.

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  • Pip’s riding at the Stables and Ruth wishes she could take a break. Shula’s still a little angry over Friday – that it should all have come to this because of Elizabeth’s bloody-mindedness. Never underestimate the stubborness of an Archer … and Ruth certainly doesn’t. Meanwhile the Stables is operating well in Chris’ absences (although someone has vandalised their sign, so it now reads “e tab s”!) and Shula can see her parents taking to retirement with the same gusto as Chris and George).
  • Nigel’s trying to take Lizzie’s mind off things with more rhyming clues for the Lower Loxley oddity trail, but she’s not in the mood. She feels especially picked on now, after all she’d called a truce and it wasn’t her who broke it. She’s more convinced than ever that her parents have taken sides against her and wants some validation, which she might get from Kenton. She leaves a tearful message on his answering machine.
  • Later he returns the call with some excellent advice (excellent, because it matches her opinions, we gather). He’s been thinking it over since being told and advises her to stick to her guns. While David might be running the farm, it’s their home and they should profit on the deal (her word). Kenton, it seems, might also be unwilling to stick with his inheritance being already paid out, especially if the farm’s value goes up. Nigel points out that it might go down, but ducks that confrontation. Lizzie plans to batter her parents again with the observation that she is right, this time with Kenton’s support.