The christening goes with a bang.

Radio Times: Phil is rash, but Julia is rasher.

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  • Jill’s been wrapping christening gifts, a mug and rattle – Archer heirlooms and she hopes that Elizabeth will receive them in the spirit they’re intended. Janet pops in to ask whether it would be ok to hold the Rogation Sunday service at Brookfield. She’s planning on visiting the Grundys in Borchester, they’re still her parishoners even though they might not live in the parish any more. She is looking forward to the twins’ christening – a joyous family occasion!
  • The christening itself went well, just the family in the church (rather than as part of a service), a moving ceremony.
  • Sid calls on Jolene and they discuss possible DIY tasks, not repititions of the infamous shower scene! Just like an old married couple, but without the rows. Sid’s playing the unhappy husband, that his life with Kathy is just him acting a part … which is all very well until Jolene’s daughter returns home as they’re sitting in the garden!
  • Small talk over the finger buffet at Lower Loxley and something has to give. David makes moves to go (with the excuse of milking) and Julia, in that wondefully condescending way of hers, comments on the strains in the life of a yeoman farmer, Brookfield is lovely and charming (a credit to Jill), but it’s much less impressive than Lower Loxley that she can’t see what all the fuss is about. Phil, just about containing his anger, suggests that it might be for the best if they overlook that she said anything, Nigel tries to tactfully defend his mother … at which point everything goes pear-shaped. Jill snaps and storms out, utterly ashamed of the lot of them. David pauses long enough to angrily ask if Lizzie’s seen what she’s done and follows his parents out.