Life in the new flat is going to take a lot of getting used to – but William’s settling in to the Dower House with a lot fewer problems.

Radio Times: William asks for brown sauce.

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  • William’s settled in well – although Caroline’s not sure that hanging dead chickens (the remnants of Grange Farm’s stock) inside the house is a good idea! Meg, his dog, is settling in, although Caroline’s not familiar with Meg Matthews (Mrs Noel Gallagher, whose husbands is the lead singer of Oasis – “a popular beat combo, your honour”) – living with a teenager might take some learning!
  • If the first day is a bell-weather, life in the new Grundy flat will never be easy. While Grange Farm might not have been a palace, it was large and home. The sirens blared all night and Joe’s almost given up and with no work to be done, he and Eddie are just rattling around the place. A few bits of furniture need moving, including a wardrobe which had been out of the landing all night and which someone had been sick into …
  • Jean-Paul dropped in on Caroline to discuss the menus (and his dislike of English cooking in particular) and while he’s pleased to hear that William cooks (albeit beans on toast, so hardly cooking in JP’s sense of the word!) he’s worried that Caroline might regret it (which she isn’t yet). William arrives make and has forgotten to buy ketchup which Caroline doesn’t have in her kitchen. Jean-Paul to the rescue, he takes him in hand and walks to the kitchen to knock up his own piquant sauce … just as Clarrie arrives to check on number one son’s progress. She explains to Caroline that the flat is horrible – tony, grubby and generally ugly. But coming back to Ambridge is almost worse – reminding her that all she really wants is to come home.