Pat and Tony scope the competition as the Grundys bid an emotional farewell to Grange Farm.

Radio Times: The Grundys need some hot, sweet tea.

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  • Pat and Tony are scouting out their competition – miles from home and with some good ideas. They agree that their product line will need to be well considered. They’ll have lots of need for casual workers, which could be good for Eddie, as their minds turn to the Grundys’ eviction today. Later they look at a few websites that Helen has found, whether they use it to sell through or merely as advertising, having a page with some photos and some history (that the Archer family has been in the village for a hundred years and they’ve been organic for 15) is, Helen thinks, a vital step.
  • A sad day at Grange Farm. Clarrie’s dug up a box with some jewelry in it as Eddie took Baby Spice and Tess to Brookfield. Tess was howling as Eddie left and Clarrie breaks up. Later Brenda visits to get some reaction to their eviction (she’s persuaded Wayne Foley to do a small news piece on their situation), but that part of Eddie’s response that wasn’t outright slander wouldn’t have been broadcastable (and, metaphysically, wasn’t!) Twenty years for Clarrie, lifetimes for Joe, Eddie and William come to an end as they lock the door for the last time – William will drop the keys into the office tomorrow and Clarrie’s wishing him well as they leave. As they’re getting into the car Tess barks her way home, having returned from Brookfield. This sparks Clarrie off again and William’s left comforting her (or is it the other way around) as the car leaves the yard for the last (?) time.