Lizzie refuses Jill’s offer to cater for the baptism and her truce seems more fragile by the day.

Radio Times: Elizabeth says you can keep your sausages.

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  • Julia’s a bit miffed because Lewis has not been invited to the christening. Must she always attend family functions on her own – and, after all, there are currently 13 invited adults (although Janet makes 14). While Nigel’s grateful for Lewis’s help with Lower Loxley (for which he is, presumably, being well paid) he would rather keep it family only. Julia manages to weedle out of him the news that the Archers are at each others’ throats, naturally she is able to rise above such petty squabbling.
  • Caroline and George are having a flutter at the Lower Loxley point-to-point and George is admitting that he’s loving retirement, especially ironic considering the problems they had prizing him out of his job! Despite his run ins, he is sorry to see the Grundys’ leave Grange Farm – scheduled for tomorrow unless fate intervenes.
  • Jill offers (and Nigel accepts) to cater for Friday’s baptism at Brookfield. Lizzie is (as is normal these days) furious at the thought. That she’s already organised caterers is her excuse to Jill, but to Nigel she points out that it feels like open-season on her and if her children “aren’t good enough” to inherit a share of the place, why celebrate at Brookfield?