Neil’s still bitter about Brookfield and Easter at the Bull isn’t any easy for Kathy to swallow.

Radio Times: Sid has egg on his face.

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  • The egg-bowling at the Bull is a little bit of a farce and Kathy is livid at Sid, who’d alleged tested the theory, for allowing it to go ahead. Eventually, a few beers moves some cars, and the car park is pressed into service rather than the boule piste!
  • David finally tells Phil about telling Neil that there wouldn’t be a job for him at Brookfield. Phil makes the connection with Susan’s reaction yesterday and is generally upset (it was he who introduced Neil to pigs all those years ago), although can see that they had no option.
  • Neil is cold to David, who’s trying to make him see the reasons. Harsh but not fair is Neil’s summary, not convinced that the waiting was reasonable – despite David protesting it was to give him time to search for alternatives. Pigs are a tough place to be right now – so where’s the hope in the future?
  • Jean-Paul is judging the Simnel cake competition and declares Clarrie and Jill joint winners, Jill indisposed, so David persuades Clarrie to take the whole prize pot. It doesn’t seem contrived at all.
  • Kathy, though, is less happy with her day, still furious with Sid. Despite chocolates in the morning, she is conscious that today is her 13th wedding anniversary …